Recipe: Shakshuka


I stumbled across this while browsing Pinterest (yes, I’m on there a lot).  There are all kinds of variations on how to make this dish, but I used what I had available in my garden/cupboard.

1.) 3/4 tin of diced organic tomatoes with juice (769 ml tin)

2.) Herbs from the garden (basil is a must)

3.) Fresh Garlic from the garden

4.) 2 Eggs

5.) Shrimp (optional)

6.) Olive oil

7.) Onion

8.) Bell peppers (as much as you like)

9.) Spinach or Kale


In a cast iron skillet, heat oil and quickly saute herbs, onions, garlic and bell pepper.  Only for a few minutes as you don’t want the garlic to burn.

Once everything is coated, pour in the tomatoes with juice and let simmer.

If you’re adding meat like shrimp, cook quickly in a separate frying pan.  Then add to dish moment before you put in the eggs along with the spinach.

Once the tomato juice has simmered down to be thicker, but not yet evaporated, make two holes in the mixture with a wooden spoon and crack the eggs in.  Heat should be turned low at this point.  Cover with lid and cook until egg whites are white.

Take off heat, garnish and serve right in skillet.


Disclaimer: We experiment with food constantly, but are not trained chefs :)

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