The Day I Quit Coffee

Written by Amelia

Beautiful right? The colours of a coffee plants are so rustic and…wholesome. Belying the energetic jolt they can induce.

Before I begin, let me just say how much I love the smell and comforting warmth of coffee. It’s honestly one of my favourite things, to start the morning putting the kettle on, preparing my french press, patiently waiting for the beans to steep for the perfect amount of time. Or walking early to my favourite coffee shop, to be greeted with the hypnotic smell that brings to mind memories of grandma’s cookies.

So why would I quit my favourite thing? The reason is that this love is rather an abusive relationship, it takes more than it actually gives. For years, I have dealt with low level anxiety, and coffee, despite it’s comforting hug at the beginning, bashes the crap out of my heart, my brain, my sleep, and my self-worth afterwards. For me, it’s a hit at the beginning followed by a slow and long release of emotions and energies that kicks me about, a lot.

My body never really rests, sleep isn’t as deep as it should be, I wake up tense and my shoulders only get more tense as the day goes on. This is all internal, other than the RAPID fire speech I already have going up a notch, colleagues are always amazed at how calm I am……

After years of kidding myself, I really do need to quit. Coffee is a socially acceptable drug, nothing nearly as awful as the hard drugs out there, but it is still messing my system up enough to actually impact my life. 

Coffee is my upper and depending on how wired I am at the beginning of the day, Alcohol is sometimes used as the downer. So starts a little spiral in which I am always rather wired or tired, which means I need regular naps to try and recalibrate. Easily done during COVID and working from home, but as the world slowly starts to ease back into offices, I don’t think employers will appreciate my naps.

(Also, Reuters just had an article stating that devastating frosts have impacted Brazil and COVID has impacted freight, so coffee is about to get even more expensive)

This is day one. Yeah, it really is. In a few weeks, I’ll post how it’s all been going, where the pitfalls were and what the hardest moments were. The thing I will need to focus on the most is that I quit before (so I can do it) but I need to deal with the issues that made me start again, and a lot of that was social niceties. EVERYONE seems to drink coffee so….what else will I be able to do when “let’s go out for a coffee” isn’t an option?

Just Tea for me, thanks!

Photo: Simple Loose Lea Tea Co.

As I was saying in my last post, I made the rather unconventional decision to quite coffee all together. Other than one day a cup of black coffee (more on that later), I am happy to say I have been without coffee for 1 month and 7 days.

One of the first things I did was download the app “I Quit Coffee” and choose the motivating option of tracking how much money I’ve saved. If, over the past 1 month and 7 days, I were to buy a oatmilk latté, today I have saved $274….in one month.

As expected, it wasn’t the easiest of journeys, the biggest hurdle was actually going out to meet friends. Luckily, a Vanilla Rooibos Oatmilk Misto is a ready option at most places (although, I will fully admit, that is a mouthful of an order…..and I’ve become one of “those” people with complex orders).

So how did it go? Here is a snapshot of the first two weeks:

Day 1

  • First day is always a bit fine, right? It’s just one day, nothing has really changed
  • Slight headache appeared around 3 pm and then grew…
  • Was rather tired all day, not motivated or productive at work

Day 2

  • Genuinely slept for over 12 hours. Went to “nap” at 3 pm (on the couch), woke up at 9 pm, went to bed and slept until 6 am
  • If this doesn’t tell me something is wrong with my systems rhytmns, I don’t know what will
  • Work productivity: no, not happening. I realized how much I run off the “speed” effect of caffeine

Day 3

  • Backpain, more than likely from too much sleeping, but it is in the kidney area
  • Headache at noon
  • Lay out some small boundaries at work and they were met with more! I said I was tired (said to one colleague I needed a break) and then my new boss told me to take a week off!

Day 4

  • Backache is really intense, not sure if that is because my period is coming or if it is caffeine
  • Realized i needed to drink more water and it helped my focus, my headache and maybe my backache

Day 5

  • Friday is always a bit of a blur, so busy wrapping up the week, I didn’t really have time to notice how I felt

Day 6 (Weekend)

  • Went out and had a tea, didn’t even think about it
  • *Tiny rant* the coffee shop I went to don’t do teabags! And they don’t do plugs…..I don’t think they want someone (me) topping up my water

Day 7 (Weekend)

  • Weekends are coffee shops with friends! Lovely friends who don’t quite understand WHY I’d give up coffee…..but didn’t really say much as I sat there with my Misto Tea
  • The smell of coffee being ground is hypnotic, but I realized I can enjoy the smell and be happy while drinking my tea (whatever it takes, right?)

Day 8

  • Actually woke up this morning at 6 am (I always do) but wanted to go outside immediately. Normally, it’s an hour before I actually get out.
  • Had LUCID ASS DREAMS though….they were really trippy

Day 9 to 12

  • I made a point each night to have my kettle filled with water and my mug out for tea/dandy blend so that as soon as I was puttering around in the morning, I made myself something to drink
  • The weather has been shifting to fall, so the call for coffee was a bit stronger than I liked, so I made sure to prepare a drink and made breakfast plans so I wouldn’t leave the house
  • WFH Life: I tend not to leave the house for coffee once I have eaten breakfast

Day 13

  • I had coffee…it happened without really thinking! (something I need to watch out for). I was at my mom’s and someone called out “do you want a coffee from Starbucks?” and without thinking I said yes please!
  • Luckily, I shared it with my mom (black dark roast) and so didn’t have a full tall but then……
    • Something stressful appeared from work and my anxiety went reeling and it took ALL day to recover
    • Lesson learned…..

Day 14

  • Didn’t have a coffee….but I did have a headache.
  • I started a fresh week and haven’t had coffee since. The anxiety is just too much for me…..

My Replacement Staples (I couldn’t just cut coffee out entirely, I needed to find alternatives that worked)

  • I knew I was going to go out at some point, so I looked at the menu’s of a few coffee shops to see what my options were. London Fogs have syrup and are made with Black Tea, so finding a decent herbal and making it a misto worked nicely
  • Dandy Blend, my morning go to! I love how rich and warming it is
    • NOTE: this isn’t NOT a coffee replacement, it’s nothing like coffee, but it works for me. When I tell people about it, I call it “fake coffee”, I am under no allusion that it’s the same and would never tell people it is!
    • The branding is also not that stylish…definitely feel a bit hippy-ish buying it so I tend to pour it straight into a glass jar for storage
  • A variety of different herbal teas, one for every mood or situation. Staying away from Black and Green because they have caffeine. My go to’s:
    • Deeper, earthy: Nettle Tea, Dandelion Tea, Tulsi (Holy Basil)
    • Lighter: Peppermint, Ginger, Rooibos
    • Calming: Lavender, Chamomile, Pukka “Love”
    • Cleansing: Also Ginger, Four O’Clock “Detox”
  • WATER, WATER, WATER. I was actually a little surprised at how dehydrated you can get while cleansing caffeine out. I made a point of drinking 2L of water a day.

All in all, I am proud of that month! I feel much better and have learnt a lot about my work habits. That will be another adjustment to make in future, but for now, I am off to have an evening cuppa.

Changing Directions

Written by Amelia

After the past year, I am sure I am not alone in these feelings. At 14+ months of lockdown, not lockdown (and repeat), I have been left feeling exhausted, apathetic, devoid of purpose and rather numb. Not to mention heavier than a year ago which has left me feeling, well, heavy. Slow.

I have been lucky, my job managed to hold out through the rough bit and multiple colleagues have gone on maternity leave (hello COVID babies!) which means I am not going anywhere quickly. That said, I can’t help but feel like I missed an opportunity to start something new, but that is a post for another day.

After April/May felt like one particularly low funk (caused, no doubt, by a third lockdown in my area), the drive to gain some kind of control again has really held out.
Change is multifaceted, so to stop feeling “burdened” I have started a few new things to start feeling buoyed by life again.

One step is my weight. This goes beyond “loving and accepting myself” (which are important concepts). After a year of indulging myself in, well, self pity, I have literately been left feeling weighed down and I’ve come out with a really skewed perception of what is actually healthy for me.

So I seriously need a reset. I have a lovely little catalogue of family ailments that are creeping towards reality if I don’t take action now. The food I’ve been eating this past year have left me depleted. After a series of interesting pings in my life, I found myself directed towards Dr. Mosley’s Fast800. Slow and steady weight loss has never really worked for me. I hit the first few milestones and then drift off. This is me trying something different.

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”

I am making a few changes to his protocol to suite my needs more specifically, but these are my basics:
– it’s about portion control (which vapourized during COVID and which I have TRULY been lying to myself about)
– primarily plant-based 
– nutrient dense, using online tools to make sure I hit all my daily nutrient needs 
– honesty
– forgiveness (life will derail me, so I start again the next day)
– I am not limiting any specific foods groups other than dairy because I never really ate it anyway
– and Time Restricted Eating (9 am to 5 pm) because I will snack to late into the evening because I am BORED

I will be posting updates on my progress over the coming weeks. Strangely, the hardest thing so far really has been the time restriction. That bizarre urge to eat in the evening out of sheer boredom. I am not hungry because my food is so nutrient dense. I am working on various strategies to help stop this snacking, it will be interesting to see what works!


The First Ten Pounds

Written by: Jayne

Losing the first ten pounds is easy. I’ve done it six or seven times no problems. I’m a pro at losing those first ten pounds.

The second ten pounds…. in the last ten years I’ve never lost a single ounce of the second ten pounds.

This winter and spring I struggled a lot with back problems. These were not severe injuries. This was ‘I sneezed and threw out my back’ or ‘I watched TV at a funny angle and now can’t walk straight’. I went to a chiropractor recommended by a friend who after just one alignment cured my headaches and got rid of my lower back pain. I was thrilled! Until a week later when I was in pain again. He told me something I’ll never forget. He said my butt muscles were weak and couldn’t hold my pelvis in place (he used more scientific words but ultimately that’s what it came down to).

Now you don’t know me personally – but I’ve got myself a badonkadonk. My whole life my strong round behind got me through every sport I played with power and strength, had trouble fitting into the skinny jeans that were in style, and more then once got a whistle or a slap from annoying adolescent boys. My butt has been something I could easily just rely on because it didn’t need any help.

Ten years in a desk job took away my sturdy base, literally. I have never felt so defeated in my entire life. It’s not that I couldn’t run anymore, or got winded going up the stairs. My butt was turning to mush because I sat on it all day.

But this story is not just about my butt, no matter how magnificent it might have once been. It was the catalyst that made me really look at what I was doing to myself. I was not just an athlete growing up, I was a star. Captain of teams, faster, stronger, and more determined than my teammates. I wasn’t on one team I was on three. I didn’t play one sport I played five. I’d gone from a true athlete to someone who didn’t even like driving somewhere, because it took too much effort.

I stepped on the scale and saw exactly what I expected to see. It’s not like I was oblivious to my extra weight. I’ve known I had to lose weight for years (which is why I’ve lost that same ten pounds so many times.) But this time I didn’t do what I always do, which is to go out and buy one of every vegetable and exercise once a day. This time I thought. Thought and thought and thought. I spent days thinking, making lists, contemplating. And for me it always came down to one question… why do I always fail?

To me the answer has always been ‘because I love food’. I love to eat. I hate fighting cravings. I hate eating raw veggies when I really feel like a pizza. People who say ‘have an apple when you’re hungry’ really bring out my need to be violent towards them. So they get my patented eye roll and I feel no shame thinking they’re dumb. When I’m fed up, I binge. I don’t just order a pizza. I order it with extra cheese, bread sticks, dessert and a drink. All for myself. It’s comforting, like a warm friend. It makes me feel better for a few moments when I feel really low. Food is my addiction.

For the first time in my life, I made a different goal. I did not buy one of every veggie. I did not make a weight loss chart. I did not order a bunch of fitness DVD’s and new running shoes. I made myself one single goal.

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Moving Cross Country on a Budget

Moving Day (1) copyA new moving adventure, as cheaply as possible
Written by: Amelia

For the past 10 years, I have moved home to and from 5 locations. In my case, these were not “I’ve got a new apartment across town” where you can call your siblings and friends for help. No, I’m one of those “I am ready to completely change my situation and move across the country or to another continent”. I did that last one twice!

In 2010, I moved back to Vancouver from London, England. At the time, I was a student in London, so I only had books and clothes. Shipping was just three boxes by shipping container across the Atlantic. In 2013, I moved to Melbourne, Australia and then back to Vancouver in 2014. Again, a few boxes and a suitcase. In 2015, I was at it again, this time moving from Vancouver to Toronto, Ontario.

I had a great 4 years in Toronto, but winters are hard and long. My mom called gushing that all the spring flowers were out in BC and it was so lovely and warm. That was in February and I had 4 more months of winter…..

This winter, I made the decision to move back to Vancouver. The difference this time was that I had established a home in Toronto so I had a whole load of things to ship including furniture and kitchen appliances. It was a big move, and I hadn’t ever moved that amount of stuff before.

The initial research looked like it was going to cost me thousands of dollars. Luckily, I was able to find ways to bring that cost way down. If you’re looking to do the same move, here are a few tips:

Tip 1) Are your things worth less than the cost of shipping? If they are, I would recommend selling as much as you can to help buy new things. Donate anything you can’t sell. Shipping costs are often by weight, so have a complete Marie Kondo inspired journey and donated anything that doesn’t “spark joy”. Try to avoid throwing things in the garbage, but there are some things that just can’t be donated or recycled.

Tip 2) When I say spark joy, I seriously mean it. Any ragged clothes, random kitchen items or things pawned off to you by friends and family, moving is a great excuse to offload these things. Why bring dull things with you?

Tip 3) Research what your municipality will recycle. Larger cities have larger facilities that can do more random things; you will be surprised at what can be recycled.

Tip 4) Ask around! Friends, colleagues, family, someone knows someone who has done what you are about to do. That advice will be worth its weight in gold! Luckily, I have a colleague who is a logistics manager. When I asked him for advice, it turned out he once lived in Victoria, BC, and shipped everything to Ontario. He was able to recommend a service that was a fraction of the cost of some of the other companies. Plus, they would come to my home and wrap my furniture when everyone else wanted me to bring my things to them.

Tip 5) When dismantling furniture, make sure you bag the nuts and bolts in separate bags. One bag for each piece of furniture, don’t throw everything in one bag, or you’ll have ‘fun’ trying to sort it all out weeks later at the other end.

Tip 6) Don’t ship food unless it is shelf-stable and sealed. Temperatures can fluctuate during shipping, as well as the environment. Also, you do not want to attract rodents.

Tip 7) The boxes will be tossed around, it’s inevitable, so make sure to wrap all the things you don’t want to break. Use bedding and towels rather than paper because they were ready at hand and also needed to be moved without adding extra weight.

Moving Day (As Stress-less as possible)

I am one of those people that like to have everything ready and packed a few days in advance so everything is ready when whoever is helping me arrives. I have helped too many friends move in which I show up the day of moving and nothing is packed. I will help out whenever I can, but it would be nice if things we a little organized beforehand. I don’t like doing that to others so I like being prepared to make sure it’s a fun experience for everyone (beer also helps).

Try to avoid doing things at the last moment, you will be surprised at how much stuff needs to be gotten rid of.

If you are in an apartment building, check your contract on cleaning requirements. Sometimes, they will do it for free, but try and avoid any unexpected costs.

Send off

The move was a few days before I was scheduled to leave so that if anything came up, I wouldn’t be stuck missing a flight. So, I decided to splurge a little and spent the last night of my time in Toronto at a hotel. While a pricey decision, it really was a nice way to end my time there, in a plush bed with no responsibilities (for a few hours at least).

It doesn’t need to be a hotel, maybe it’s a beautiful meal at a nice restaurant. Whatever you do, it’s a nice way to mark the occasion. Big moments shouldn’t be just another day of your life.

Now in Vancouver, my things have all arrived safely and I am very thankful. Although I am glad about tip 7, my boxes were a little banged up but unharmed.

Ultimate Breakfast Smoothie

Two types of people exist when it comes to dealing with stress.  Those who eat and those that don’t.  Unfortunately, I fall squarely into the latter camp.  When work leaves a lot on my plate, food becomes a paltry side dish.  It’s bad when 4 PM rolls around and you suddenly discover you haven’t eaten since 7 PM the previous day! When stressed, eating simply does not cross my mind at all.  And you’ll be as shocked as I was to hear this fun fact: coffee isn’t food!

I can just about sustain myself like this for about a week, but there is absolutely no spare energy for anything except the bare minimum, and it’s so unhealthy! The bare minimum will always be work. I don’t think I’ve missed a days work for anything except the deepest of flu.  But what about the rest of life? I know I need food to live and be healthy.

Here is the kicker, having no food can lead you down the dark hole of depression. Go figure. Your brain is starved or riddled with anxiety driven caffeine.

When finally some part of your brain screams to stop treating it like crap, the easiest step forward is breakfast. Just eat breakfast.  It has to be easy.  Any effort into making breakfast might completely derail you at first.

Over the years I’ve mastered the art of getting myself out the door one of two things every single morning 1) Oatmeal 2) Smoothie.

Smoothies are fantastic.  Throw things into a blender and hit a button.  Easy.  When you’re working on getting out of a funk, throw more things in.  I highly recommend it.  Experiment too.  You will make some real duds along the way, I sure did.   You’ll find yourself forcing down what can only be described as the bottom of a fish tank. But smoothies are more than easy to make, they’re also easy to eat (drink?).  Whether you eat it while you’re getting ready or on the way to work,  you can get it almost mindlessly down and start your day our with high energy from healthy fuel.   I’ve never had anyone look at me weird for drinking something green on the bus.  At least not to my face!

Always in mine:
I personally focus on two things, protein and fiber. Protein for energy (because I have none) and fiber for hormone balance. I am even one of those weirdos that drink a tablespoon of ground flaxseed in water on the recommendation of my naturopath because it’s so good for balancing hormones.

*Research and test your protein powders.  If their gritty and chalky, your smoothies will suck!  Go to health food fares and try our free samples, and read other peoples reviews (hint hint for future post!).  A bad protein powder can ruin your smoothie game.

Fresh or Frozen, any kind of greens will do. Spinach is great for those who want to avoid the taste of greens. Kale is fabulous for so many reasons! And for the die-hards, go with Dandelion.  If you’re a newbie, start slow with greens.  Did you know that dark, leafy greens can hurt your stomach if you’re not used to it?  There’s nothing like having your first healthy green smoothie only to feel like crap all morning.  We wrote about that here: Green Smoothie Nausea

* A note on Kale: Don’t put the thick rib in your blender! Rip off the leaves and leave out the stalk as it can wrap around the blade and wear down your blender. It’s very hard to blend.

Avocado/Coconut Butter:
I know I said I focus on two things, but the third would be healthy fats. They are amazing for energy! But raise your hands if you hate buying avocados only for them to go off before you even get a chance to use them? I recently discovered frozen avocado and it changed my smoothie game.

Coconut Butter is something I recently turned to because I just didn’t like the taste of coconut oil in things. However, it is expensive in most grocery stores. But it’s super easy to make so we’ll be sharing a recipe soon.

My Current Go to Green Smoothie:

1 cup packed with Greens of choice (I currently am using Kale) fresh or frozen
1/3 cup mango
1/4 cup avocado
1 T chia seeds/hempseeds
1 T oatmeal
1 T protein powder of choice (try to avoid the ones with sugar)
1 T coconut butter* recipe to come
1 cup water, plant based milk, or coconut water

Some great add ons:
Maca – energy, hormone balancer (Yellow for women)
Baobao – high in Vitamin C
Moringa – great for iron and vitamin B’s
Chlorella/Spirulina – high in chlorophyll which is basically plant blood and mimics iron, alaeges are incredible nutrient dense, high in protein and vitamins B12
Collagen Powder – (not vegan) for added protein and skin benefits

If you are on a budget, check out your local bulk store. It’s amazing what some of them offer these days! My local has everything from Chia Seeds to Pumpkin Protein Powder.

Stay tuned for more morning tips and tricks to get you out the door in the healthiest way possible!

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*Photo’s by Amelia

Surviving the First Bike Ride of the Season

Recently I made the calamitous mistake of thinking I was ready to hop back on my bike after 5 months of cold winter and riding.  Only about 10 km, maybe 30 minutes, not really long at all.  At least that’s what I thought.
The mistake was felt mostly the morning after, as every leg muscle, including the little tendons that hold everything in place, were wondering WTF just happened?!  They rather loudly exclaimed their displeasure.
This year, Winter had actually gotten me down for the first time.  Newly relocated to Toronto after living mostly on the west coast, I’m a cold weather rookie, alarmed that nose hairs freeze at -16 degrees.  Of course any born and raised Toronto native will tut and roll their eyes.  For me, months of dark subway rides shuttling me back and forth with no breaks outside, meant I was eager to boldly declared “April I will bus no more!”
Out came the bike from the (literal) closet.  A walk down to the bike salon to brush her off, pump the tires and add sparkling new breaks (which were desperately needed as not stopping and nearly hitting an old lady ended the last bike season), and she was ready for spring!
Well, spring had other plans. The day I went to pick up my trusty (but heavy) ol’ thing resulted in almost a foot of snow. My bold statement was delayed. Grumpy AF, I separated myself from a wad of beer money for a respectable metrocard instead.
Thankfully, a fresh Sunday appeared a short while later, sunny and light, and the bike was ready for an adventure. It got a tourist route through the Gothic arches of the University, which, on reflection, was nice enough.  To work we went, remembering with every bump and jolt how long it took last year for me to get used to the bike.  But we got to work on time.  8 hours of standing later and we were at it again, pushing through an “uphill” ride home that my British Columbian heritage helped me crush! (a 4% rise a hill does not make).

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EVENT: Leaves of Trees

My “personal” time is precious. I am by no means some high flyer type, but the very nature of my job means that even if I am not at work, I always need to be available. Phone calls can come in as late as 9 pm, and not because of some great emergency where someone is hurt or Fruit Loops are magically falling from the sky. The time most people are thinking of sleeping is the time when I can finally relax because I know the phone won’t ring. Being “on” all the time is absolutely exhausting and as a result, most evenings are me coming home, crashing, waking up to shovel some sort of food like object down before crashing again. I know, so glamorous, you’re jealous.

Stress is a killer. Widely known but rarely acknowledged day to day. At least by me anyway. Rather a funny point considering I work in the Health and Wellness sector and Jayne and I recently wrote about self care. Which is even more odd when despite me being the one to discuss my love of Leaves of Trees, Jayne was the one who told me about a workshop that Toronto’s Greenhouse Juice was holding with Leaves.

And so, despite my initial reaction of “I have no time” I attended a lovely evening that centered on self care where they discussed taking the time, the moment, however short and precious, and really luxuriating in some sort of self care. Our wonderful speaker was Erika @_esoterika who talked about this neat quote from Oprah, how we all have that special something that we keep for a special day. A beautiful face mask or bath salts. But why do we keep it for a special day? Today is that day! So pour those salts in now! Continue reading “EVENT: Leaves of Trees”

Branding Positive

Here at Amelia and Jayne we write a lot of tips; ways to do things easier, achieve goals, mimic our own success stories, habits, and so on.  But to get to know us better, sometimes it’s best to not teach, and tell a story instead.

We started this blog for a few reason.  Mainly, so we could stay in touch.  With Amelia in Toronto and Jayne in Vancouver, it can be hard to keep up with what’s going on in each others lives.  Working on this blog almost forces us to communicate, brainstorm, coordinate, and help each other when life gets busy.  We’re sisters, so there’s no such thing as becoming distant or losing touch.  We are part of each others lives.

When we sat down to figure out what we wanted this blog to be about, we came up with all kinds of ideas.  Because we’re so different, there are certain things we separated.  Amelia is more into fashion, so Jayne doesn’t touch that concept much.  Jayne is more into photography, so a lot of the images come from her camera.  Separating the passions is great!  But to keep them coherent in one space, we had to come up with a brand, few key points that we always hit in every post, no matter where it comes from.

For us, it comes down to positive vibes. Continue reading “Branding Positive”

How to double your veggie intake without trying

We believe in veggies!  There’s nothing you can eat that enhances your bodies natural abilities like loads and loads of veggies.  There are a lot of diets and fads out there, but I dare you to find one that says ‘eat no veggies’.  We can usually agree that veggies do the body good.

If you’re struggling to get your eight servings a day, or just looking to pack more leafy greens into your life, here are our top tips to make the transition easy, and not have to worry about getting enough!

1.) Zucchini:  The best change we ever made was throwing half a zucchini into every smoothie.  We can almost hear some of you cringe.  But honestly, Zucchini’s don’t have a powerful taste.  They make smoothies smooth and whole, and will soak up the other yummy flavors.  You won’t even notice it’s there, but you’ll get all the benefits anyway.

2.) Breakfast:  Has anyone else noticed that fruit has taken over the breakfast world?  Fruit smoothies, fruit bowls, fruit yogurt… all fruit!  If you switch up your breakfast habits to include veggies, it’ll change your whole day.  Some good options: Sweet Potato Smoothie Bowl.  Avocado Toast.  Green Smoothie.  Leftover Dinner.  Or a huge Frittata full of all your favorite things.  And have you tried sweet potato pancakes with cinnamon and Greek Yogurt?  Do it now!!

3.) Make Homemade Sauces and DressingsContinue reading “How to double your veggie intake without trying”