A Product-less Life: Hair

There will be an entire series on living a product-less life, and it’s strange to start with hair, as it was the last thing to become product-less in my life.  But it’s the one on my mind, so we’re starting with it.
Learning to live without products is impossible!  At least that’s what we thought.  But it turns out that if you take it slow, and cut out one product at a time, it’s completely doable.
What do we mean by product-less?  It means no trips to the drug store, and no chemicals.  When it comes to hair, it means no shampoo or conditioner!
Trust me, it’s doable.  For me it started with a random flare-up of dandruff.  I live a relatively dandruff free life these days, but I do end up with buildup due to product.  And sometimes that buildup can really become a problem.  Your hair stays oily and doesn’t wash properly, and washing more often can mean more buildup.  It because a vicious circle.  Then you buy more product to try and counter the product that’s causing the buildup.  That’s a lot of chemicals on your head!
As always, I turned to pinterest and blogs for some non-chemical options for my hair.  I read through a lot of different options, and experimented with a few.  Some didn’t work, some were too complicated to make, and some made my daily hair routine way too much work.  Who wants to spend that much time in the shower every day?
After a few weeks, I found a new routine that worked for me.  At first just to get rid of dandruff and buildup, but then it became a complete replacement for all my products.

Step One: Scrub with baking soda.  Seriously.  I take it in the shower and message it into my scalp.  It takes a few tries to get used to it, but I can do this step pretty fast now.
Step Two: Rinse
Step Three: Spray with Apple Cider Vinegar and Tea Tree Oil.  I dilute the ACV quite a bit, because the smell is really strong.  The tea tree oil is soothing and really good for your scalp.  Leave it in while you do your other shower necessities.
Step Four: Rinse.  Thoroughly!  No one wants to smell like ACV all day.
Step Five: Essential oils.  I’m a sucker for smelling good.  That’s why I become such a product junkie in the first place.  I love the smells.  My new routine doesn’t have the same wonderful aroma, so I take a few drops of essential oils in a separate spray bottle with water and spritz it on at the end of my shower.
I know what you’re thinking.  Where’s the conditioner?  I’ve actually stopped using it.
Step Six: Once a week, I do a coconut oil hair mask.  I melt it, message it through my hair, and leave it in for at least half an hour.  Then I hop in the shower and rinse.  On these days, I don’t use the baking soda/ACV system at all.
Make sure you rinse this thoroughly.  Coconut oil may be nourishing, but you can end up with oily hair if you’re not careful.  You can also use olive or avocado oil as an alternative if you’re not a fan of coconut.
The outcome:  My hair is healthy, shiny, squeaky clean, and doesn’t oil up anywhere near as quickly as it used too.  I don’t miss the product at all.  And I don’t wash my hair as often as I used too.
Like all these natural remedies, you need to be ready to experiment.  Some of the options out there simply didn’t work for my dry thick hair.  And some I needed a ridiculous amount of it to soak in.  The baking soda can be course, so be careful of breakage.
Tips: Buy natural, organic product.  Costco is actually a really good place for this.  You can get giant tubs of Coconut oil for cheap, as well as olive oils, avocado oils and baking soda.  But pay attention to the quality.

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