Just Tea for me, thanks!

Photo: Simple Loose Lea Tea Co.

As I was saying in my last post, I made the rather unconventional decision to quite coffee all together. Other than one day a cup of black coffee (more on that later), I am happy to say I have been without coffee for 1 month and 7 days.

One of the first things I did was download the app “I Quit Coffee” and choose the motivating option of tracking how much money I’ve saved. If, over the past 1 month and 7 days, I were to buy a oatmilk latté, today I have saved $274….in one month.

As expected, it wasn’t the easiest of journeys, the biggest hurdle was actually going out to meet friends. Luckily, a Vanilla Rooibos Oatmilk Misto is a ready option at most places (although, I will fully admit, that is a mouthful of an order…..and I’ve become one of “those” people with complex orders).

So how did it go? Here is a snapshot of the first two weeks:

Day 1

  • First day is always a bit fine, right? It’s just one day, nothing has really changed
  • Slight headache appeared around 3 pm and then grew…
  • Was rather tired all day, not motivated or productive at work

Day 2

  • Genuinely slept for over 12 hours. Went to “nap” at 3 pm (on the couch), woke up at 9 pm, went to bed and slept until 6 am
  • If this doesn’t tell me something is wrong with my systems rhytmns, I don’t know what will
  • Work productivity: no, not happening. I realized how much I run off the “speed” effect of caffeine

Day 3

  • Backpain, more than likely from too much sleeping, but it is in the kidney area
  • Headache at noon
  • Lay out some small boundaries at work and they were met with more! I said I was tired (said to one colleague I needed a break) and then my new boss told me to take a week off!

Day 4

  • Backache is really intense, not sure if that is because my period is coming or if it is caffeine
  • Realized i needed to drink more water and it helped my focus, my headache and maybe my backache

Day 5

  • Friday is always a bit of a blur, so busy wrapping up the week, I didn’t really have time to notice how I felt

Day 6 (Weekend)

  • Went out and had a tea, didn’t even think about it
  • *Tiny rant* the coffee shop I went to don’t do teabags! And they don’t do plugs…..I don’t think they want someone (me) topping up my water

Day 7 (Weekend)

  • Weekends are coffee shops with friends! Lovely friends who don’t quite understand WHY I’d give up coffee…..but didn’t really say much as I sat there with my Misto Tea
  • The smell of coffee being ground is hypnotic, but I realized I can enjoy the smell and be happy while drinking my tea (whatever it takes, right?)

Day 8

  • Actually woke up this morning at 6 am (I always do) but wanted to go outside immediately. Normally, it’s an hour before I actually get out.
  • Had LUCID ASS DREAMS though….they were really trippy

Day 9 to 12

  • I made a point each night to have my kettle filled with water and my mug out for tea/dandy blend so that as soon as I was puttering around in the morning, I made myself something to drink
  • The weather has been shifting to fall, so the call for coffee was a bit stronger than I liked, so I made sure to prepare a drink and made breakfast plans so I wouldn’t leave the house
  • WFH Life: I tend not to leave the house for coffee once I have eaten breakfast

Day 13

  • I had coffee…it happened without really thinking! (something I need to watch out for). I was at my mom’s and someone called out “do you want a coffee from Starbucks?” and without thinking I said yes please!
  • Luckily, I shared it with my mom (black dark roast) and so didn’t have a full tall but then……
    • Something stressful appeared from work and my anxiety went reeling and it took ALL day to recover
    • Lesson learned…..

Day 14

  • Didn’t have a coffee….but I did have a headache.
  • I started a fresh week and haven’t had coffee since. The anxiety is just too much for me…..

My Replacement Staples (I couldn’t just cut coffee out entirely, I needed to find alternatives that worked)

  • I knew I was going to go out at some point, so I looked at the menu’s of a few coffee shops to see what my options were. London Fogs have syrup and are made with Black Tea, so finding a decent herbal and making it a misto worked nicely
  • Dandy Blend, my morning go to! I love how rich and warming it is
    • NOTE: this isn’t NOT a coffee replacement, it’s nothing like coffee, but it works for me. When I tell people about it, I call it “fake coffee”, I am under no allusion that it’s the same and would never tell people it is!
    • The branding is also not that stylish…definitely feel a bit hippy-ish buying it so I tend to pour it straight into a glass jar for storage
  • A variety of different herbal teas, one for every mood or situation. Staying away from Black and Green because they have caffeine. My go to’s:
    • Deeper, earthy: Nettle Tea, Dandelion Tea, Tulsi (Holy Basil)
    • Lighter: Peppermint, Ginger, Rooibos
    • Calming: Lavender, Chamomile, Pukka “Love”
    • Cleansing: Also Ginger, Four O’Clock “Detox”
  • WATER, WATER, WATER. I was actually a little surprised at how dehydrated you can get while cleansing caffeine out. I made a point of drinking 2L of water a day.

All in all, I am proud of that month! I feel much better and have learnt a lot about my work habits. That will be another adjustment to make in future, but for now, I am off to have an evening cuppa.

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