Ultimate Breakfast Smoothie

Two types of people exist when it comes to dealing with stress.  Those who eat and those that don’t.  Unfortunately, I fall squarely into the latter camp.  When work leaves a lot on my plate, food becomes a paltry side dish.  It’s bad when 4 PM rolls around and you suddenly discover you haven’t eaten since 7 PM the previous day! When stressed, eating simply does not cross my mind at all.  And you’ll be as shocked as I was to hear this fun fact: coffee isn’t food!

I can just about sustain myself like this for about a week, but there is absolutely no spare energy for anything except the bare minimum, and it’s so unhealthy! The bare minimum will always be work. I don’t think I’ve missed a days work for anything except the deepest of flu.  But what about the rest of life? I know I need food to live and be healthy.

Here is the kicker, having no food can lead you down the dark hole of depression. Go figure. Your brain is starved or riddled with anxiety driven caffeine.

When finally some part of your brain screams to stop treating it like crap, the easiest step forward is breakfast. Just eat breakfast.  It has to be easy.  Any effort into making breakfast might completely derail you at first.

Over the years I’ve mastered the art of getting myself out the door one of two things every single morning 1) Oatmeal 2) Smoothie.

Smoothies are fantastic.  Throw things into a blender and hit a button.  Easy.  When you’re working on getting out of a funk, throw more things in.  I highly recommend it.  Experiment too.  You will make some real duds along the way, I sure did.   You’ll find yourself forcing down what can only be described as the bottom of a fish tank. But smoothies are more than easy to make, they’re also easy to eat (drink?).  Whether you eat it while you’re getting ready or on the way to work,  you can get it almost mindlessly down and start your day our with high energy from healthy fuel.   I’ve never had anyone look at me weird for drinking something green on the bus.  At least not to my face!

Always in mine:
I personally focus on two things, protein and fiber. Protein for energy (because I have none) and fiber for hormone balance. I am even one of those weirdos that drink a tablespoon of ground flaxseed in water on the recommendation of my naturopath because it’s so good for balancing hormones.

*Research and test your protein powders.  If their gritty and chalky, your smoothies will suck!  Go to health food fares and try our free samples, and read other peoples reviews (hint hint for future post!).  A bad protein powder can ruin your smoothie game.

Fresh or Frozen, any kind of greens will do. Spinach is great for those who want to avoid the taste of greens. Kale is fabulous for so many reasons! And for the die-hards, go with Dandelion.  If you’re a newbie, start slow with greens.  Did you know that dark, leafy greens can hurt your stomach if you’re not used to it?  There’s nothing like having your first healthy green smoothie only to feel like crap all morning.  We wrote about that here: Green Smoothie Nausea

* A note on Kale: Don’t put the thick rib in your blender! Rip off the leaves and leave out the stalk as it can wrap around the blade and wear down your blender. It’s very hard to blend.

Avocado/Coconut Butter:
I know I said I focus on two things, but the third would be healthy fats. They are amazing for energy! But raise your hands if you hate buying avocados only for them to go off before you even get a chance to use them? I recently discovered frozen avocado and it changed my smoothie game.

Coconut Butter is something I recently turned to because I just didn’t like the taste of coconut oil in things. However, it is expensive in most grocery stores. But it’s super easy to make so we’ll be sharing a recipe soon.

My Current Go to Green Smoothie:

1 cup packed with Greens of choice (I currently am using Kale) fresh or frozen
1/3 cup mango
1/4 cup avocado
1 T chia seeds/hempseeds
1 T oatmeal
1 T protein powder of choice (try to avoid the ones with sugar)
1 T coconut butter* recipe to come
1 cup water, plant based milk, or coconut water

Some great add ons:
Maca – energy, hormone balancer (Yellow for women)
Baobao – high in Vitamin C
Moringa – great for iron and vitamin B’s
Chlorella/Spirulina – high in chlorophyll which is basically plant blood and mimics iron, alaeges are incredible nutrient dense, high in protein and vitamins B12
Collagen Powder – (not vegan) for added protein and skin benefits

If you are on a budget, check out your local bulk store. It’s amazing what some of them offer these days! My local has everything from Chia Seeds to Pumpkin Protein Powder.

Stay tuned for more morning tips and tricks to get you out the door in the healthiest way possible!

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*Photo’s by Amelia

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