EVENT: Leaves of Trees

My “personal” time is precious. I am by no means some high flyer type, but the very nature of my job means that even if I am not at work, I always need to be available. Phone calls can come in as late as 9 pm, and not because of some great emergency where someone is hurt or Fruit Loops are magically falling from the sky. The time most people are thinking of sleeping is the time when I can finally relax because I know the phone won’t ring. Being “on” all the time is absolutely exhausting and as a result, most evenings are me coming home, crashing, waking up to shovel some sort of food like object down before crashing again. I know, so glamorous, you’re jealous.

Stress is a killer. Widely known but rarely acknowledged day to day. At least by me anyway. Rather a funny point considering I work in the Health and Wellness sector and Jayne and I recently wrote about self care. Which is even more odd when despite me being the one to discuss my love of Leaves of Trees, Jayne was the one who told me about a workshop that Toronto’s Greenhouse Juice was holding with Leaves.

And so, despite my initial reaction of “I have no time” I attended a lovely evening that centered on self care where they discussed taking the time, the moment, however short and precious, and really luxuriating in some sort of self care. Our wonderful speaker was Erika @_esoterika who talked about this neat quote from Oprah, how we all have that special something that we keep for a special day. A beautiful face mask or bath salts. But why do we keep it for a special day? Today is that day! So pour those salts in now!

I loved that, and we got to make those beautiful bath salts after her talk. While we were given some guide lines, I made a concoction of Dead Sea, Epsom and Himalayan Salts with rose petals, lavender and lavender essential oils. While I wanted to go straight home and have that wonderful bath, my dreams were dashed as I realized I had no plug for the bath tub!!!!   Wait… How long have I lived here??  Shame. So they are indeed sitting on my counter for a special day.

Generally, I am not a bath person, my brain won’t let me sit and do nothing for any length of time, so usually what I love to do is either walk in a park, someplace green (hard to find in winter….) or now I can ride my bike again!!! That is my ultimate stress reliever. What is yours?

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*Photos in this post by Amelia

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