Branding Positive

Here at Amelia and Jayne we write a lot of tips; ways to do things easier, achieve goals, mimic our own success stories, habits, and so on.  But to get to know us better, sometimes it’s best to not teach, and tell a story instead.

We started this blog for a few reason.  Mainly, so we could stay in touch.  With Amelia in Toronto and Jayne in Vancouver, it can be hard to keep up with what’s going on in each others lives.  Working on this blog almost forces us to communicate, brainstorm, coordinate, and help each other when life gets busy.  We’re sisters, so there’s no such thing as becoming distant or losing touch.  We are part of each others lives.

When we sat down to figure out what we wanted this blog to be about, we came up with all kinds of ideas.  Because we’re so different, there are certain things we separated.  Amelia is more into fashion, so Jayne doesn’t touch that concept much.  Jayne is more into photography, so a lot of the images come from her camera.  Separating the passions is great!  But to keep them coherent in one space, we had to come up with a brand, few key points that we always hit in every post, no matter where it comes from.

For us, it comes down to positive vibes.

Neither of us like being in negative space.  We get no pleasure out of judgmental people, or going on at length about they little issues that come up day in and day out.  We wanted to create a community where we could talk about anything and everything, but always in a way that enhanced our lives and our happiness.

Both of us live in cities where the winters are cold and dismal.  We have modern, sometimes stressful jobs.  We have to worry about our average day to day things, like paying rent, eating well, staying healthy, etc.  In so many ways, we’re both average girls.  And on average, people find lots of things to be negative about.

So how can we use positive as a brand?

By looking at everything that happens, and everything we choose to write about, as the things that bring us the greatest pleasure.

Amelia gets up in the morning like most people, and heads to work.  But how does she do it?  She gets on her bike, smiles into the sunrise, gets herself a wonderful warm cup of coffee, greats her coworkers with a smile, and sits down to start her day.  Jayne goes about things the same way.  A bike ride is too far unfortunately, so she rolls her windows down, breaths in the fresh air, listens to the happiest music she can find, and greats her colleagues warmly.

This approach to our days is reflected in everything we do.  When we approach a blog post, it’s with the positives in mind.  Our skincare routine was created from years of frustration and struggle, but we shared it because we’ve both hit a place where skincare is no longer hard.  It’s easy, natural, and full of positive daily vibes.  There’s no more struggling to stay stocked on the product, rushing to get in each and every thing into your morning routine, or feeling defeated when that pimple springs up after you do everything right.  In the end, all of that got us here, to a place where that small part of life is easy and fun.

When we talk about veggies in our food, it’s not because we hate veggies and we know we have to force them into our bodies.  It’s because we’re both at the point where veggies are a healthy and positive part of our daily lives.  We’ve found ways to make it easy, delivious, and no longer a concern.

Every once in awhile we’ll share a story of frustration.  But if we’re going to do this, we turn it into a positive.  This happened, and this is what we did to spin it around and make today as great as yesterday, and as great as tomorrow will be.  This is what we did to learn from it, and make it another great part of life.  There are always negatives in life, but the real trick is to find ways to have it end up being the opposite.

Being positive is not always easy.  Some days it’s downright impossible.  But if you get to a place where you can make it natural, manipulate every situation to see it, and sometimes pull it out from the darkest corners, you’ll find that every day, no matter what you’re doing, what you’re blogging about, what pictures your posting, will inspire the positive instead of the negative.  Next time you find yourself in a negative space you’ll realize it, understand it, and easily pull yourself out of it.  Maybe one day you’ll find your bad moods funny, because you feel grumpy and dismal, and it makes you laugh because you’re such a humbug.  And without trying, that laughter switched the gears in your brain, and you’re smiling at yourself.

That’s who we are.  Jayne and Amelia came out of a desire to be positive in everything, and share and spread that positive in a calm and natural way.  To inspire one another even though we’re across the country from each other, and create a space where we can support and remind each other that being positive is truly the best way to live.

Just because sister move apart, doesn’t mean they can’t be instrumental in each others daily lives.

*Photos by Jayne

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