How to double your veggie intake without trying

We believe in veggies!  There’s nothing you can eat that enhances your bodies natural abilities like loads and loads of veggies.  There are a lot of diets and fads out there, but I dare you to find one that says ‘eat no veggies’.  We can usually agree that veggies do the body good.

If you’re struggling to get your eight servings a day, or just looking to pack more leafy greens into your life, here are our top tips to make the transition easy, and not have to worry about getting enough!

1.) Zucchini:  The best change we ever made was throwing half a zucchini into every smoothie.  We can almost hear some of you cringe.  But honestly, Zucchini’s don’t have a powerful taste.  They make smoothies smooth and whole, and will soak up the other yummy flavors.  You won’t even notice it’s there, but you’ll get all the benefits anyway.

2.) Breakfast:  Has anyone else noticed that fruit has taken over the breakfast world?  Fruit smoothies, fruit bowls, fruit yogurt… all fruit!  If you switch up your breakfast habits to include veggies, it’ll change your whole day.  Some good options: Sweet Potato Smoothie Bowl.  Avocado Toast.  Green Smoothie.  Leftover Dinner.  Or a huge Frittata full of all your favorite things.  And have you tried sweet potato pancakes with cinnamon and Greek Yogurt?  Do it now!!

3.) Make Homemade Sauces and DressingsDo you ever stop to think about the dressing your pouring over your salad?  Most of them are just flavored fat.  It’s so easy to make your own, and way healthier for you.  Just Pinterest things like ‘Green goddess dressing’ or ‘oil free dressing’.  You’ll find lots of yummy options that use no fat at all, just pureed veggies with garlic, ginger, lemon… whatever flavors you’re looking for.  You’ll end up pouring veggies over veggies and still have an amazing flavor.  If you’re making tomatoes sauces, it’s the best time to mash some sweet potato in it, puree some leafy greens, or make your own noodles out of Zucchini.

4.) Veggie up your Carbs:  If you’re have carbs for dinner, like rice, ask yourself if it has to be plain.  Chopping up peas, onions and carrots to quickly fry up with your rice is such an easy way to add extra veggies.  If you’re making something like Risotto, add pureed veggies to it to help thicken it up.  A nice butternut squash risotto will have you going back to for seconds, guaranteed.

5.) Stack that Sandwich/Burger:  You ever go to subway and end up with a bun, meat and cheese?  Maybe you sprinkle iceberg lettuce on it and call it a day.  Wraps and sandwiches are the easiest things to stuff full of veggies.  Tomatoes, cucumber, sprouts, pickles, onion…. Go big or go home!

6.) Think Three:  Sometimes adding veggies can be annoying, but if you think in threes, you’ll always get what you need.  Pick three colors.  If you always put three different color veggies in your meal, you’ll be doing your body good.  Having pizza?  Sauces counts as one!  Red sauces, green peppers, red onions.  Bam!  Three!  Having steak?  Green beans, orange carrots, purple beats.  Roast those up for a perfect side.

7.) Bake Vegan/Gluten Free:  You don’t have to follow a certain diet in order to use their tricks.  Have you tried sweet potato brownies? Avocado pudding? Zucchini bread?  If you’re a baker, start thinking veggies in your sweet treats.  You’ll be surprised how good they taste, how moist they keep things, and how little they take away from whatever sweet or savory taste you’re going for.

Have any other tips?  We’d love to hear them in the comments below.  How do you make sure you get your daily veggies without feeling like you’re constantly forcing leafy greens down your throat.  From one salad hater to another.  Getting veggies in your diet 100% of the time can happen without a single actual leafy salad.

Photos By: Jayne

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