Getting Ready for Spring

You might think that this post is a little premature.  Especially if you live in a place like us, where it rains straight through until almost summer.  But the constantly gloomy weather cannot win!!

If you’re in the middle of a never-ending world of darkness, cold and drizzle, start getting excited for it to end.  Don’t be disappointing when you wake up to more rain every single morning, and feel like it’ll never be nice again.  Refuse to let it win.  Instead, get ready for the next sunny day so you can launch yourself into it without pausing to prepare.

These are our ‘get ready for spring’ tips.  If you do these things now, you’ll be ready for spring the moment it gets here, and not overwhelmed with sorting your things out and scrambling to get ready.

1.) Clean House: Spring cleaning is not a thing.  Yes, there’s a natural need to lighten your atmosphere when you finally start experiencing the bright sunlight again.  But don’t wait until spring to clean.  You’re stuck indoors right now anyway, so take this time to go through your things.  De-clutter, organize, purge, and make sure your house is prepared to immediately store the heavy blankets, sweaters and coats you needed all winter.

2.) Make Lists: Every spring there’s a mad scramble to get all the things you didn’t remember needing.  Sunscreen, flip flops, tinted moisturizer, bronzer, etc.  You have the time now to take your time and get these little things cheaper, ordering them online, and giving them time to get to you.  Make lists of chores that need to be done, like swapping your clothes, dry-cleaning your winter coats before storing, buying water-tight storage containers, etc.  Make lists, and take this time to tick off the items you can beforehand.  The shorter these lists are by the time the sun actually shines, the more easily you’ll transition into a bright and light outdoor lifestyle.

3.) Make Adventure Lists:  Different from the lists above, this one is a list of the things you’re looking forward to doing when the weather is nice.  Hikes at a local mountain, going to the beach, picnic in the park, etc.  Have this ready so you’re not stuck with a ‘what should we do?’ dilemma when the first really sunny day hits.

4.) Get New Runners:  If you’re a runner, you probably change your runners every few months.  If not, maybe you don’t ever replace your runners.  The reason for having ‘winter’ runners and ‘spring/summer’ runners is because of the ware and tare, as well as weight and use.  In the winter, your runners get battered around, dirtied, sullied, and so much more.  In the spring, you want lightweight runners that are ready for you to spring out of your cave and into the beautiful air.  There’s nothing like new runners to really get you moving.  buy them now, but don’t ware them until the weather changes.

5.) Collect Spring Recipes: If you eat seasonally, find out which fruits and vegetables are going to come into season during the spring near you, and then Pinterest fresh new recipes.  It changes so fast.  One day you want loads of carbs and heavy, comforting foods, and then one day you want a light salad, only can’t remember how to put it all together with what you can get at the farmers market.  There’s always an awkward transition period.  Pick a few favs you haven’t made in a year, and put them on the fridge to inspire you as soon as those fruits/veggies come out.

6.) Perfect your Morning Routine:  Having a morning routing is a must for a mentally healthy life.  This doesn’t mean you have to get up at five and plod through a series of things to do before you wake up.  But your winter routine is going to start seemed like it’s not enough.  Instead of focusing all your energy on staying warm or waking up in the dark, you can start to lighten your load.  Start watching he sun rise while drinking your coffee.  Stretch in the warmth of the sunlight coming through your window.  experiment with lighter, fresher breakfasts instead of warm oats.  This will be a transitional period, but start now trying new things so you can change every morning as the sun comes out earlier and earlier.  By the time spring is here, you’ll already be waking up to happy mornings.

7.) Stop Watching TV:  The dark winters make watching Netflix so easy every night.  It’s like the world is already shutting down, and it’s too cold to go anywhere, so you get wrapped up in your biggest sweater and curl up for the night.  Make a promise to yourself that you won’t watch TV until it gets dark.  If you start doing this now, you’ll watch slowly less and less every night.  By spring and then summer, you’ll be completely out of the habit without having to go cold turkey.  As the time between dinner and TV get’s longer, start doing other things.  Stretching, cleaning, reading, watching the sunset, returning calls, making your bed, etc.  Anything to keep you doing other things.

While I do think we’re both summer babies at heart, Spring can be the most exciting time of year.  You start seeing, day by day, that you’re closer and closer to hot sunshine every day.  Learning to really enjoy spring will make summer so much sweeter.

**No joke! The day after posting this is snowed two inches :)

Photo: By Jayne

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