Rainy Day Happiness

The rain is coming/here.  If you’re like us and live in a place where the rain starts in the fall and doesn’t let up until almost summer, you understand what it’s like to feel the rain woes.  At first it’s fresh and it makes the air smell amazing.  You don’t mind rushing to your car or jumping over the puddles.  But there gets to be a point when everything is soggy and wet, and you just wish it would end.

So how do you get through the rainy season and remain happy?  It’s not always easy.  We need sunlight and fresh air to really feel healthy.

Here are a few things we do to make sure we still feel fresh and alive even after months of rain and grey days.

1.) Vitamin D:  We don’t always advocate lots and lots of vitamin supplements, but you need Vitamin D!  It’s the happy vitamin that we get from the sun.  Start when it’s still sunny out.  You can get it in pill form or liquid.  Take whatever works for you every single morning.  And don’t skip!

2.) Fresh fruit: One of the things we immediately miss about the summer are the loads and loads of farm fresh fruit right at our fingertips. Fruit becomes expensive and tasteless because it’s travels such a long way.  Now is the time to really make friends with frozen fruit.  If you’re like use, you spend your summer packing your freezer with fresh fruits and berries.  If not, you can get some really great frozen brands.  They’re not super cheap, but if you use them right, they are totally worth it!  Keep getting these nutrients.  Fresh smoothies, fruit in yogurt, blueberry pancakes, etc.  There’s a reason we can eat handfuls of the stuff in the summer.  It makes us feel amazing!

3.) Really take advantage of sunny days:  Make a promise to yourself.  If you wake up or get home from work and the sky is blue, you’re going to go outside.  It doesn’t matter if you bundle up and sit on the deck with a book, or put your boots on and go for a nature walk.  Just promise yourself you will go outside and soak in that fresh air and sunlight.

4.) Really prepare for the rain:  There’s nothing worse than soggy socks or when the hems of your pants are wet.  Especially if it happens in the morning.  Preparing for these instances are a super easy way to take away the worst of your frustration.  Always have a dry pair of socks in your bag and a pair of dry sneakers in your car.  And invest in some rain gear.  This can be expensive, but do some trips to thrift stores and you might luck out.  You need a really good pair of rain boots and a rain proof jacket with a hood.  If it gets really soggy, rain pants are a gold mine!  Get used to wearing the boots when you’re outside, and the changing into your shoes when you get where you’re going.  Don’t rely on an umbrella.  If the wind picks up, the umbrella is going to be more of a hassle than a help.  If you can get to your destination, take off your rain gear and if necessary change into your dry socks, and your day won’t be miserable!

5.) Start planning indoor events:  As the sun sets earlier, we tend to start hibernating.  You get home, change into your dry sweats, and then curl up in front of the TV with a warm bowl of soap.  So don’t give yourself the option of making that habit.  Make plans with friends you have to keep.  Really casual dinner parties.  Rain photography sessions.  A hot yoga class together.  Make sure you’re staying as physically and socially active as you did all sumer.

6.) Change up your exercise:  Don’t depend on outdoor activities anymore.  This is the time to take a look at a local gym or community centre and make a plan.  You can also get really into at home workouts and videos.  It’s easier to get these done first thing in the morning because you don’t have to go anywhere, and then you can socialize at night.  It’s all about making sure you don’t settle into hibernation.  Keep moving in whatever way makes you feel the best.

7.) Brighten your Home:  The world is getting dark, that doesn’t mean your life has to be!  Spend some time and de-clutter.  Get some fluffy white blankets, change the light bulbs so they’re a bright pure white, and keep the windows open wide.  It can be very common to get out all the fall earth tone colours, but don’t go overboard.  Keep the whites and light tones, and just add flares of the beautiful fall colours.  Don’t let things get heavy or dusty.  Keep it clean!  Making your home a fresh and bright place to be will keep you feeling light and happy.

8.) Invest in warm underclothes: One of the reasons we don’t want to go outside is that it’s absurdly cold out!  I hate shivering.  I hate prickly legs from cold.  It’s just miserable all around.  Wearing warm tights under your jeans and warm layers is a must!  Don’t be fooled by big sweaters.  A big knit means holes!  The wind will gut right through you.  And too many layers can make you feel twice your size.  A really good set of under clothes will make sure you are both stylish and warm.  And warmth is your best defence against giving into the winter.

9.) Warm up your water:  Drinking cold water is no longer refreshing.  It’s just another thing that cools you down.  Warm it up to at least room temperature, or even more, so that it keeps your warm.  You need to drink as much water in the fall as you did in the summer.  You don’t realize it, but you’re still sweating, especially at night.  It’s so easy to get dehydrated and as soon as you do, your health and mind are going to go way down.

10.) Set personal goals:  Working on yourself and seeing results is one of the best motivators there is.  And this doesn’t mean your body.  Yes, we all have body goals.  But we’re talking more about life goals.  Experiment with recipes and master new cooking skills.  Practice your Photography.  Make the goals fun, not work.  The more you keep learning, the more you’ll want to.

Do you have any ideas?  We want to know what you do to keep yourself feeling positive and upbeat when the weather outside isn’t cooperating.  The idea is to not sit down every single night and watching TV.

*photo by Jayne

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