Detox by the Hour

I’m not much of a cleanse or detox person. In fact, the few times I’ve tried, I get to lunch time, and give up on the whole idea and have a big sandwich. But I’ve been feeling incredibly slugged lately, and I wanted to jump start my system so it could start working optimally again.

Usually I start as soon as the though occurs to me. “I’ll cleanse today” turns into a spur of the moment green smoothie with whatever I had in the fridge. This time was different. I said “I’m going to cleanse on Monday”, and as it was Saturday, I had two days to prepare for it. I did some research on getting through a cleanse, decided on the best course of action for my own needs, and came up with a 48 hour plan.

Breakfast: Ultimate Green Smoothie
Lunch: Gut Healing Broth
Dinner: Salads
Snacks: Fruit, Veggies, Simple Protien
Drinks: Water, Green Tea, Dandelion Tea, Lemon Water, Green Juice, Kambucha

I’m not interested in starving myself, so I wanted to make sure I had enough food. I packed lots and lots of snacks. I took lots of broth (not just a small cup). I had packs of tea. And I even allowed myself one piece of solid protein in the afternoon, like an egg or a piece of chicken. This isn’t one of those “lemon juice and cayenne pepper only” things. I just wanted my system to digest and work well. Clean out.

I decided to write an hour by hour account of how it went from a beginning who doesn’t thrill at the idea of cleanses and detoxes.


6:00 AM – Alarm goes off. There’s nothing different here other than the promise to myself that I will not hit snooze. I get up, determined to have a full detoxing day. I go to the washroom, make my bed, and then sit on my bed a few minutes taking deep breaths because I’m pretty sure a serious meditation will put me back to sleep. During this time, I drink a full liter of water. It’s harder than I think! Green smoothie-spinach, ginger, cucumber, celery, Morgina powder, matcha and flaxseed. Nutrient punch! Choke it down as I’m not used to green in the morning.


7:00 AM – Feeling good and energized. I didn’t get any exercise in, but I did get some nice stretching in. I have my cup of tea, and my energy seems good.

8:00 AM – Energy is still good. I get to work, and I sit down, motivated to get things done and learn new things. I’ve peed 3000 times already this morning, but that’s okay.

9:00 AM – Hungry!!! I knew this was going to happen with a detox, so I come prepared. My water bottle is already half empty, and I make myself some dandelion tea (yuck). I start eating my first snack, which is a zip lock bag full of grapes.

10:00 AM – I’m starting to feel really good. My mind is clear, less foggy than the last few days, and I’m feeling hydrated. It’s a slow day at work, but time doesn’t seem to be dragging.

11:00 AM – I’m starting to get hungry again, and at least the extra trips to the bathroom are making more a little more active than usual.

12:00 PM – Ate my Tupperware container of leftover chicken from last night without any skin. Just a little protein to stop me from starving to death.

1:00 PM – I ran an errand, so bought a cold pressed green juice void of any fruit. my energy is still up. I’m surprised I haven’t crashed yet. Started having cravings, which is why I bought myself the juice. I wanted to get a cheese covered panini in the shop, but I resisted!

2:00 PM – Just got through my first big cup of warm broth. Homemade bone broth. It was surprisingly good and much more satisfying than I thought. It’s the first warm thing other than tea I’ve had all day. I’m still drinking water, and running to the washroom too often, but overall good. **This is the first time all day I felt my energy dip. So I pulled out my baggie of strawberries that I prepared as a snack and started to nibble. Being prepared for this has made it soooo much easier. I’m surprised I don’t have a headache yet.

I have felt a little bit of brain fog. Either the toxins in my body are starting to hang on for dear life, or my close to zero nutrient diet up until today has made it so my body doesn’t know what to do with all this green goodness. Only a few hours left until work is done. I thought today would be much worse with the cravings.

3:00 PM – The side effects have started. Not too bad yet. I have the beginnings of a headache, and my attention span has become a little blurry. But my mood is still good, and I’m not aggravated yet. As far as the negative side effects go, these aren’t so bad. But remember, I’m only 9 hours into a 48-hour cleanse! I popped open a home made all natural Kambucha drink to get me through this hump. It’s amazing!

4:00 PM – While the last hour was a little bit harrowing, I actually don’t feel awful right now. I finished all the food/drinks/tea I brought today, and while I’m hungry for dinner, I’m not starving. I think a little Lemon water should get me all the way to the table. My headache is remaining minor. Barely noticeable unless I think about it. We’ll see how I feel this evening when my usual after dinner slowdown cravings hit!

5:00 PM – I wolfed down my big salad like a madman! I swear I was done in like two minutes. But I made sure to eat a lot of it to make sure I wouldn’t be starving before going to bed.

6:00 PM – I usually hate this time, because I’m too tired to do anything, but it’s too early for bed. I helped my brother pack up his kitchen, and my energy stayed up. Instead of feeling lazy, I actually had some energy to spare.

7:00 PM – Energy still good. I was watching Downton Abby with my mom while I got up and made my food for the next days cleanse. Today I was uber prepared and thought it helped, so I’ll be just as prepared tomorrow.

8:00 PM – Long Epsom salt bath for a nice detox. Beautiful. Had a bowl of grapes as well for a snack. Maybe a bigger bowl than I would normally have. Fruit has a lot of sugar in it, but I haven’t gone overboard with fruit today, so that’s good.

9:00 PM – Hot water with Lemon before bed. I’m tired and ready for sleep, but don’t feel bloated or gross the way I normally do.

10:00 PM – Asleep. Been that way for awhile. Wrote this the next morning.

5:30 AM – Wide awake way before my alarm clock. Feel very calm in the quiet morning. Stayed in bed and meditated, stretched slowly, and let myself wake up naturally. It was a little difficult to stop myself from going back to sleep, but I sat up and kept stretching, taking deep breaths.

6:00 AM – Officially got out of bed, made my bed, and started downing my 1 liter of water. Feeling extremely good about this morning. It’s much easier to drink this huge bottle of water this morning. Apparently being hydrated is a state your body likes to be in.

7:00 AM – Breakfast of green smoothie is done, and to sound gross, I had a very big morning bathroom experience. I feel quite empty now. Off to work with tea!

8:00 AM – Sitting at my desk, my brain clear, getting straight to work.

9:00 AM – Forgot to fill my water bottle this morning. Do so now, and start drinking right away. Had my bag of grapes because I was feeling hungry. Don’t have any really bad cravings this morning, but I’m prepared for this afternoon.

10:00 AM – Starting to feel hungry again. Man when you cleanse, food just goes through you!! Making dandelion tea (yuck) to keep my going. Feeling bright and on the ball today. Getting lots of work down without the tired heaviness of it all. No heaviness from lack of sleep or anything. And so far I haven’t had to pee quite as often as yesterday.

11:00 AM – Still feeling good. Getting kinda hungry now. Like really hungry. So close to lunch. I might cave and eat it earlier. No headaches, and my mood and energy are both good. Every once in awhile I feel like I might get a headache, but it doesn’t progress to anything.

12:00 PM – tiny bit concerned with the state of things coming out of my body. Cleanses are gross. I’m definitely en route to be clean as a whistle at the end of this. Yuck. But also yay! My goal was to get things moving and working again. My metabolism is revving on high, and my system is absolutely clearing. That part of this experience is successful.

1:00 PM – Nice lunch time walk. Sat down with my cup of broth and was happy. Even thinking that I might do this another day. But don’t want to get ahead of myself.

2:00 PM – Agitation has officially set in. Not sure if it’s the cleanse or my boss being frustrating. Could honestly be either. I’m hungry now. Having Kombucha instead of my last snack to give me some more afternoon time. Will also have some green tea. But this is the first time I feel truly like I don’t want to cleanse anymore. It sucks and I don’t want to feel like this.

3:00 PM – A little cranky. Here are the side affects I was waiting for. Had my afternoon snack of strawberries. Felt really nauseated afterwards. Not sure why. But eating took away my headache a little. I’ve actually eaten a lot these last two days. Veggies and fruit.

4:00 PM – Still a little nauseated. Hungry again. Dinner is starting to feel like a long way off. Only I’m getting closer to it. Suddenly all I can think about is food.

5:00 PM – Dinner is gone. I ate too fast. But like last night, I had a lot, so I feel satisfied and most of my aggravation is gone. Once again I have energy at a time I usually done. Instead of sitting down to watch TV, I cleaned my room, washed my bedding, and got completely prepared for tomorrow.

6:00 PM – Oddly restless. I have more energy than I’ve ever had. Finding it hard to sit down and watch anything. Packed my lunch for tomorrow, which includes rice so it’s not a cleanse day, and decided what to wear tomorrow.

7:00 PM – Still have energy. This is nuts! Just puttering around my room. My mind actually is having a hard time settling right now. Without the normal heaviness of fog, I feel like I’m buzzing a little.

8:00 PM – Headache. Good grief. I keep drinking water, but this is definitely due to detoxing. At least it settled me down. Laying down on my bed with the fan on, trying to breath through it.

9:00 PM – In bed. I’m writing this the morning after. I had a hard time falling asleep. Tossed and turned a little. Not as restful as usual.


What I learned from my 48 hour cleanse:

1.) Crappy food really brings you down. It was like an instant lift in energy.

2.) It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I over-prepared myself for cravings and hunger, so I ended up having lots to eat and drink without feeling like I would chew my arm off. Eating is key. A cleanse does not mean starving yourself. You should always be consuming something, even if it’s water/tea/etc. You want to keep filling up your stomach so it doesn’t get the chance to feel like it’s starving.

3.) There are things in your body that shouldn’t be there! I mean yuck. The things that came out of me were super gross. But after all is said and done, I’m sure glad it’s not inside me anymore.

4.) Prepare yourself for headaches! When they get you, there’s no escaping them. Your body is detoxing, and that always always always causes a headache.
48 hours is not that long. I mean really. But the amount my body went through in just 48 hours was incredible. I had highs and lows, and the change was so weird to go through.

5.) There is a reason for cleanses and detoxes! I do feel like my system cleaned out, and even eating normal everyday food again seemed to go through me easier. I also picked up some good habits, and I keep having the green smoothie in the morning to get that boost of nutrients. Only now I pare it with a piece of flax toast with almond butter.

Photo: Royalty Free from pixabay

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